Enrollment in the Individual and Family Market Health Care Exchange:
ACA approved and compliant and subsidized.

The ACA requires states to establish a governmental agency or non-profit entity to make available qualified health plans. These will be known as “Exchanges” and are to be made available by 2014. All legal state residents who are not incarcerated could enroll in qualified health plans through the Exchange.

Issuers could offer one or more of four types of health plans: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The plans would provide increasing levels of services covered and limits on out-of-pocket spending. In addition, issuers could offer a catastrophic plan to those individuals under 30 years of age or those exempt from the individual mandate because no affordable health plan is available to them or exempt because of hardship. The catastrophic plan is available only in the individual market.

How do the new health insurance exchanges work?

You can now access Health Care plans on the Exchange. Most health insurance plans on the exchange will offer comprehensive coverage, from doctors to medications to hospital visits. We can help you compare all your insurance options based on price, benefits, quality and other features that may be important to you.

All plans on the exchange will have similar types of benefits, and all will include essential health benefits. One of the biggest places they differ is on how the costs of the benefits are applied. Exchange plans will be divided into four different levels — Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Lower monthly payments
Higher cost when you receive medical care

Higher monthly payment than a Bronze plan
Lower cost than a Bronze plan when you receive medical care

Higher monthly payment than a Silver plan
Lower cost than a Silver plan when you receive medical care

Highest monthly payments
Lowest cost when you receive medical care


To get started simply click on the healthcare.gov logo below. You will be prompted to set up your Market Place Account in order to complete the enrollment process.  After you have created your Market Place Account, it is important that you identify Thomas E Gutierrez and Health Insurance New Mexico LLC. as your Agent/Broker so that we can adequately help you finalize the enrollment process and take care of all of your Health Insurance needs.

Required Steps (Click here to print this page now.)

  • Create your Market Place Account
  • Log into the Healthcare.gov site
  • Enter Contact Information
  • Select Agent/Broker in the Help Applying for Coverage section
  • Enter Thomas E. Gutierrez under the First, Middle and Last name of your Agent/Broker
  • Enter Health Insurance New Mexico LLC. under the Organization Name
  • Enter your FFM User ID (your Market Place user ID created for your account) Optional  
  • Enter NPN number 7247280 (Mandatory)
  • Proceed with the remainder of the enrollment application

If at any time you need assistance in the enrollment processs, please email us at info@healthinsurancenewmexico.com, call us at 575-751-3591 or toll free at 1-855-404-HINM(4466).

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Traditional  Enrollment:
ACA approved and compliant but non subsidized.

If you do not qualify for a subsidized plan on the ACA Health Care Exchange,  Health Insurance New Mexico offers many plans to meet your needs. Health Care plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, Presbyterian Health Systems and Lovelace Medical are available and we can help you compare the plans to best meet your individual or family health care needs. 

You may call us for cost comparison and you may also shop and compare plans from BlueCross BlueShield. To get started, simply click here or on the BlueCross BlueShield logo below to see prices and plans to best fit your needs.

To Enroll now for VSP Vision Plans, click here or on the VSP logo below.